"Companies are born for all kinds of reasons. For Nexis3, you might say that we are really fueled by passion for precision and automation. It's in my blood. We believe that the cabinet industry is ripe for someone to deliver superior products in precise form at a value that works. The industry has lagged behind in leveraging technology and innovation for quite some time now. That translates into artificial costs that could have been eliminated through leverage and scale. We aim to change that. This has been our goal for twenty years, and you can really see the dream coming to life today. There's just something about doing a job right."

- Steve



2001 - Custom Cabinetry and Woodworking established Scottsville, New York
2002 - Introduced industry specific woodworking software
2003 - CNC machinery introduced into production

2007 - 


THE PRESIDENT - Steve Schoenacker - LinkedIn 

A born entrepreneur with an intuitive mind focused on the ever-changing future. Fascinated by European factories and operational strategies, Steve frequently visits Germany for inspiration to expand his knowledge of manufacturing processes.

His dynamic vision continues to flourish. No surprise that Nexis3 is one of the first facilities in the United States to introduce European software specific to the woodworking industry. Implementing leading technology and the finest machinery the industry has to offer, Nexis3 is able to produce finished products that exceed expectation while guaranteeing optimum precision and quality.

His greatest strength? His passion for the industry and versatile approach towards each project.

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