Cabinet Doors

Nexis3 has quietly been building quality Profile-wrapped doors for a while now. More recently, we entered the TFL and HPL game and are proud to offer a wide number of colors and five-piece shaker, slab and 3 piece profiles with more coming all of the time. We continue to innovate and are excited about the new Slim Shaker series hitting the market on a limited number of materials.

Cabinet Door Styles and Profiles

The Nexis3 TFL/HPL lineup includes several five-piece shaker profiles:

  • 45 degree 2.25" S&R
  • 45 degree 2.75" S&R
  • 90 degree 2.25" S&R Standard Shaker
  • 90 2.75" S&R Standard Shaker
  • Reduced Rail Standard Shaker that hosts 2.75" stiles and 2.25" rails

TFL/HPL is available in Flat panels and 3 piece as well.

Our Premium Shaker series is coming soon, and it includes having all four sides of the stiles and rails edge banded. 

Profile-wrap doors are available in:

  • Shaker (45 degree 2.25" S&R #4459)
  • Transitional Shaker (45 degree 2.25" S&R #4741)

Cabinet Door Materials

Our latest line! Stevenswood will be fully stocked by January 1, 2023 with roughly 60 colors, including the latest Timber and Solids lines. The full Legno and Artika lines will accompany Black and White Rain colors. Stocking begins the first week in November with the ten Timber and eight Solid colors. 


Our flagship offering includes nine profile-wrapped VELOURTOUCHTM colors from Olon. The shaker is available in 4482 & 4780 profiles. We also provide Flat Panel and 3 Piece plus moldings and other filler pieces as well. 


With twelve fantastic colors, Nexis3 and Tafisa bring brilliance to the TFL cabinet door. Availability is widespread, and support profiles include the NEXGEN Shaker line (4459 & 4741). Flat panels and 3 pc doors are available as well as filler pieces. 


Egger is definitely making waves in the textured TFL space. But, their colors are available in Profile-wrap as well. LOTS to choose from. We have sixteen colors on either material type for Shaker and all colors on the Flat Panel & 3 Piece door.   


FENIX™ is a very, very nice Super Matte HPL. It is finger proof and self-healing. We provide their sixteen colors on the Flat Panel profile. 


Nexis3 offers the rainbow when it comes to HPL. There are so many colors available, and we can custom build on most any of them. Just call us 800.560.7391 with your needs.


Similar to the case on Formica HPL, Nexis3 offers a full array of Wilsonart HPL colors. Just give us a call to talk through what you are looking for.


High Gloss surfaces deep, unfiltered, mirror-like and scratch resistant to create stunning living environments. ULTRAPAN comes in twelve colors. 



Occasionally, we do special-order projects. If you have any questions on our materials, please email us at or call 800.560.7391.

Our ordering process is done online in our configurator. 



Cabinet Boxes

Nexis3 is a leading manufacturer in assembled cabinet boxes. 

Custom Cabinet BoxesThe issue we most commonly speak to is one where the customer has a job that may not be large enough for the economics associated with importing from China or Taiwan, but price is still a leading driver in the decision. You cannot go to a custom shop because of the high costs associated with their business models. But, you still have need for options. Most commonly, the situation calls for more than a single kitchen or the likes. There is some form of scale.

Nexis3 provides a quasi-custom solution with lots of options at mid-market pricing. You may not get import pricing, but you also do not pay custom shop pricing and get a lot more flexibility in your choices (and higher quality) than one gets via importing. Also, we provide much better lead times than either solution. Importing has the obvious shipping issues, and custom shops have typical lead times that go out months.

The ideal customer then is one who is somewhat price sensitive, has a decently-sized project with tighter scheduling and needs enough options to speak to the variety of demand.

We specialize in custom cabinet box builds. Email us at for more information.


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